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It’s fine to talk about fine things. It’s quite another to use them every day. Opened by a cyclist and another cycling enthusiast, the space is perfect for bike lovers to come together. 22 bikes is a meeting place for events, rides and advocacy activities around Bhubaneswar. The spot offers coffee and bikes with a friendly community attitude. The idea is to offer much more than just a cycling shop. We have a small library of cycling books, a nice sitting arrangement to feel comfort, dedicated repairing area, a mirror to have a look and ever motivating ambiance.

We are not the mainstream, take it out a box and hand it to you’, type shop. This is not a museum. It’s a family of fanatics obsessed about bikes,accessories, clothing and components. The team at 22 bikes provide an unparalleled level of service because of their knowledge and love for the sport of cycling.

22 bikes is founded on the principle that we are the practitioners of 100+ year old technology, not the guardians of it. Nothing that we do isn’t so proprietary or secret that a visitor can’t peek over our shoulder or ask a question. Approaching us with a question shouldn’t be as if approaching an altar occupied by the high and mighty. We work with metal and rubber and will gladly explain our process to you. In some of the world’s most progressive cities, the bicycle has come full circle and is again a popular form of urban transportation. Hope, same the same will continue at Bhubaneswar.
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Email: info@22bikes.in
Tele : +91 - 97767 46910
Hours : 10a:m - 8p:m

Physical :
C-21, Sahid Nagar,
Near Bhawani Mall,
Bhubanesar - 751007(Odisha)

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