Maslow’s Theory & Cycling

Do you remember the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs PYRAMID???If don’t then kindly brush up once your memory to regain the consciousness. Fourth roof of the pyramid will hit your hippocampus, when you see one armoured cyclist in your city in an early morning of week end or late evening of weekday.

This is true when you compare between the early days of 80’s-90’s with today’s cashless or the era of digital India. People then were taking their cycle for their livelihood. Still remember the day when fisherman was roaming around the circumscribed path of the village to sell their livestock throughout the day. Gone that summer when we were waiting for the hawker coming to our street to sell ice cream on his cycle keeping his bag at the back of that. Then this machine was used as for your daily means of transportation and meant for yours manage livelihood and was helping at the Maslow’s pyramid at the bottom floor.

This era has seen a jump of the machine from 1st floor to 2nd floor & 4th Floor of the pyramid. Now this age has brought this machines utility to the health and wellbeing need followed by esteem. Yes, now it becomes a fashionable term to have a cycle and roam the city with all its requisite armour along with the gay colours of shirts. It is now becoming popular to have a highly expensive cycle with you to get entangle yourself into the social recognition irrespective of type of need. To have to have more social gathering with the prolific age and social group you require the machine to be with you.

Last time when you had been to your doctor for suffering with obesity??? Probably your doctor must have asked to check your cholesterol. If it is found that you are somewhere in between the alarming position, then doctor must have asked you to go for daily walk or cycling. Yes, this means it is not at all for your basic need for livelihood rather it is the lifeline of your live which you have earned by the luxury life style. Your rich life style will handing you the machine to support your life, your status, your health and wealth.

Don’t you think that this turned its position from the basic needs to the symbolized social status!!!! Whatever may be the answer, start cycling. You do it for lifestyle or lifeline but Do It.

Author: Biswasima Mohanty, (A cyclist by passion, Biswasima loves simple life and gives priority to playing Gali cricket. He believes happiness and optimism is contagious. Holding a degree in Retail Mgt. from Asian School of Business Management, Bhubaneswar, he has seven years work experience, but that does not keep him from appreciating the fine things in life like “Dosti & Khatti with them”.)

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