Bicycle- The new Status Symbol of Modern Society

When I was a kid I used to go to School by riding a Cycle. I remember when I was in Standard 6th, my dad gifted me a Hero Cycle with curved handle which I used to show off in the school in front of my Friends. But when my school got over I left my cycle at home and started riding bike. After that I never rode a cycle until last week.

Few months ago while returning from my Office on my motorbike at 10 PM, I saw few men were riding bicycles near the highway. They were wearing Cycling Suit, Goggles and were riding cool looking bicycles. I saw for a moment and then ignored and came back home. Then I saw them regularly at almost same time. Out of curiosity one day I asked them about their cycling. I was surprised to know that one of the was Head of Police Dept, some big shot business men and few Politicians were riding these cycles.

I discussed with them for few minutes and they said that they try to ride these cycles daily but it depends on their work load. They ride for around 10–12 kilometres daily. Those bicycles had more than 5 gears and were very light weight. It keeps their body fit. Rather than having an evening walk they prefer cycling as it makes all their body part active during workout.

After few weeks I started getting posts on social media about Parikrama (Cycle Share), BCAC (Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club), 22Bikes (Premium Bicycle Shop) and various similar stuffs shared by many people. I knew that this was the new trend of cycling that people are trying to adopt in order to be fit.

Within few months lots of event, workshops, trips were happening around Bhubaneswar where high class people were participating. They started buying High-end cycles for them and their kids and regularly ride them. Workshops about giving tips about cycling was very common and was organised in regular intervals at different locations.

Two weeks ago my uncle asked me to help them buy a new bicycle for his daughter to gift her on her birthday. So we visited 22bikes and started looking for various designs and models. After checking out all models he decided to buy a bicycle named ‘Sun Cross Dirt Jumper’ costing around Rs-18k.

This bicycle had 7 gears which had lots of options for speed and tricks. He gifted her daughter the cycle and she was very happy which you can see from the above image. In the morning while going to school she takes the bicycle and in the evening uncle rides for around 1 hour.

Now few other members of our family has decided to buy a new cycle for regular ride. This trend is really good because it doesn’t affect our nature, it keeps our body fit and it is cost effective for long run.

In near future Bicycle will definitely be considered as a Social Status as it has already started trending.

Author : Likan Patra, (a serious blogger on and keeps him busy in doing various experiments in life to get lessons. Likan used to write on current happenings of Odisha state as well as on topics like Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups, Art & Crafts etc).

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