Fat Bike : A new trend in cycling community

A wonderful thing may not get a beautiful name for its description. When a product meant for a nice job it hardly matters to its name. Let’s introduce Mr. FATBOY of the bike world, known by many names. Some call it “Fatbike”, some call it “wide tire bike”, some call it “Snow Bike” or “Winter Bike”. AS Mr. Fatboy is mononyms in his world, it clearly reveals that for what kind of job he is suitable.

As the name suggest Mr.Fatboy or Fatbike is a monster bike with monstrous wheel motorized by your pedaling power and suitable for any type of terrain. For your clear understanding, a standard mountain bike’s wheel is 2inch width or little more whereas, Fat bike’s wheel width is double or even can up to 10 inches.

As technically you came to know about Mr. Fatboy, let’s take you the physics behind the popularity of him. A normal MTB wheel pressure to be filled up to 65psi, but this monster can run at only 10psi or even lower. This low pressure helps in gripping surface and provide stability to the rider’s weight. It also acts as a shock absorber by increasing rubber’s surface. Large width of tyre helps to float bike over any unstable terrain.

Riders use this bike purposefully to traverse through muddy, icy, bumpy, rocky, sandy paths for adventure. Nobody will refrain you to take an epic adventure inside Chandaka Forest during a rainy day or Chandrabhagha Beach (Konarak) to relish the sunset at Bay of Bengal.

Apart from above supremacy from Mr. FatBoy, he helps you a lot in developing your body system. It gives you that endurance which will help you overcoming daily incompetence at work. Not only this but also it helps in strengthening cardio-vascular system along with command over breathing.

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Author: Biswasima Mohanty, (A cyclist by passion, Biswasima loves simple life and gives priority to playing Gali cricket. He believes happiness and optimism is contagious. Holding a degree in Retail Mgt. from Asian School of Business Management, Bhubaneswar, he has seven years work experience, but that does not keep him from appreciating the fine things in life like “Dosti & Khatti with them”.)

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