Bike Donation Programe : Re-cycle Your Cycle

On 10th May 2016, we at 22 bikes made a Bike Donation to orphans in Sri Sri Maa Anand Ashram that would get them to school safely and potentially change their lives forever on the auspicious hands of Mr. Sanjeeb Panda, President Bhubaneswar Cycling & Adventure Club (BCAC).

The aim of “Recycle – Your – Cycle” programme is to empower orphans with bicycles so they can have access to education, which is vital in orphan kids, and to give them the independence to find jobs and create a successful future for themselves.

“As a passionate cyclist, I offered to provide bicycles to the orphans because I knew that would be the perfect solution to their problem,” Mr. Ajay Nanda (founder, 22 bikes) explains. “I didn’t know what I had got myself into at first, but with the support of friends, family, and cycling fraternity we were able to deliver the 5 bicycles to the Sri Sri Maa Anand Ashram, Bhubaneswar on our anniversary celebration.

“To keep the wheels of change rolling, we urge public to donate their unused bicycle to us throughout the year at our Sahid Nagar branch. We will repair and make it worthy of riding. Aftermath, we will donate respective bikes to orphan kids”, says Nanda.

22 bikes, has the privilege of announcing its 1st Anniversary celebration on May 10th 2016. It is a whole day celebration with cycling fraternity consisting different programmes like Blood Donation, 3D Art, Bicycle Donation, Rewarding Bike Police, Book Donation etc.


Author: Biswasima Mohanty, (A cyclist by passion, Biswasima loves simple life and gives priority to playing Gali cricket. He believes happiness and optimism is contagious. Holding a degree in Retail Mgt. from Asian School of Business Management, Bhubaneswar, he has seven years work experience, but that does not keep him from appreciating the fine things in life like “Dosti & Khatti with them”.)

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